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 "The dialogue throughout is masterful"


Debut poetry book

War & Love is a poetry collection diving into the lives of more than 28.9 million Yemenis that have faced a brutal and deadly war. Beyond the headlines and death tolls, humans have been affected. Sana Uqba's debut book is but a mere attempt to humanise those that have been dehumanised for far too long.

Official book release: 1st November 2018



Sana Uqba is shining a poetic light on a conflict that western powers, (and their ‘clients’), would prefer to keep in the shadows. Her poems are compact, concise, and meaning full. They employ the intellect on many levels. She knows that warmongers are not simply satisfied when they kill us, their greatest satisfaction comes ‘when our spirits break.’ She speaks for the unbroken. 

Sana recognises a simple truth. She understands that those who are suffering because of politic have no time to debate politics. She is not afraid to examine the beliefs of the killers and the killed, who are calling the same name of god. She examines the absurdity of war and presents us with a loving yet uncompromising creative commentary on a terrible conflict. Praise be to this poet.

- Benjamin Zephaniah, Award-winning Poet & Author

This book is incredibly unique. The short reverberating pieces felt like I was in a war zone. It felt live and I felt on edge all throughout. Sana Uqba tells a story with each poem and the dialogue throughout is masterful. 
Uqba keeps a constant theme capturing the beautiful essence of Yemen (and others), where she dives into the heart of its beauty which is suddenly snatched away tragically. The transition is is terrifyingly spontaneous and instant and that’s exactly how war is.
A very good poetic depiction of life in a war torn country, the rawness of Uqba's writing and the brutality of the truth throughout is incredible too. The book takes you through war and love as if they are an inseparable entity in a place where they are unapologetically one and the same. Uqba’s biggest talent is bringing to life people in such short bursts, giving them colour instantly despite not going into detail - but they come alive in that moment.

- Taher Adel, Poet & Author

This book is overdue. Sana Uqba is so talented and should have already published poetry books. Her words heal what politics-junkies and journalists like me struggle with. Some poems made me cry because they sum up tragic scenes in Yemen which many in the world have seen but have yet to really process. It breaks my heart.

The poems in this book really portray a story and exemplify Sana Uqba’s talents in conveying complicated situations and emotions using words and rhythm.

- Afrah Nasser, Award-winning Yemeni journalist

The build up of emotion, through simplicity of words and complexity of wit, takes the reader on a journey. Somehow, Uqba was able to make me goosebumps, teary-eyes and a smile, all in one poem.

Through poetry and beautiful writing, she is able to reflect the pain, suffering and ugly truth, but also the beauty of hope. This book has the power to make you patriotic toward humanity.

- Big Hass, Saudi Hip Hop Radio Host

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