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  • Sana Uqba

Muslim blogger Dina Tokio responds perfectly to Islamophobic abuse

Dina Torkia is one of the most popular Muslim "hijabi" fashion bloggers and YouTubers. With more than 650,000 YouTube subscribers and a whopping 1.3 million Instagram followers, the 28-year-old attracts an array of fans, "likers" - and in this refined age of internet enlightenment, many, many hate-spewing trolls. In light of recent events in her British homeland, Dina Tokio - as she is known in the online world - decided to address the magnitude of Islamophobic abuse she receives for the first time since beginning her public career in 2011. The result, is hilarious, witty and bold. In a six-minute takedown, which you can watch below, Dina, "half-English and half-Egyptian", reads out just some the vile comments, ignorant questions and and offensive abuse she's recently received, while bursts of laughter from her husband - also a YouTuber - are heard sporadically in the background.

Responding to a user suggesting her hijab was oppressive, Dina hits back, saying "it only became a symbol of oppression because of people like you that decided for us". "We, the people who wear it," she says, "never said this was an oppressive piece of clothing. It was decided by a bunch of 'kuffar b*st*rds'," she adds while holding back her own laughter, mockingly using terminology commonly criticised by Islamophobes. For another user, who mistakenly called her "suppressed", Dina does not hold back. "I think you mean 'oppressed'," she patronisingly says, before her husband enters the shot, seemingly pushes her head down and jokingly says: "You need suppressing!" Meanwhile, another user suggests "Muslims cannot be British simple" - to which Dina responds with a tirade of jokes attacking their grammar, of course, before concluding with "I think my passport can argue with that". But when requested to vlog her "next terrorist attack", Dina effortlessly says: "You know what, that would probably make [YouTube] trending." She swiftly moves on to a question asking if she was the one to "put the bomb on the tube in London". "If I am, then the police are doing a really sh** job," she suggests. Despite the obviously light-hearted approach to what is a serious and rising issue for the world's 1.6 billion Muslims, the six-minute video remains a poignant and effective response. In fact, within just 24 hours, the video has already racked up more than 100,000 views and has been widely praised across social media platforms.

"I don't care what anybody says, my religion does teach peace. Unfortunately there are idiot people that like to abuse that, a little bit like the KKK," Dina concludes. Watch Dina's video here:

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